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What is is an online book rental library in Visakhapatnam  with free home delivery and pickup. Our office timings are from 0930 am-0530 pm. We do not work on Sundays and National Holidays. Any other holidays would be informed to our customer via email. Our portal is available for your access 24x7.

I forgot my password. What do I do ?

Don’t worry. Just click on the ‘Forgot Password?' link, enter your Login ID and click on the ‘Recover Password’ tab. Your password will be sent to the email id provided by you at the time of registration

What are 's terms and conditions ?

Please refer to Terms and Conditions page on 

Does provide eBooks ?

No. For now, we do not provide ebooks.

Where is 's service available?

For now, service is available in Visakhapatnam.

How does the delivery and pick-up work?

You don't have to worry about it. When you place the request for new books/ return of books, our delivery guy comes to your door-steps and delivers or picks up the books.

What if I lose or damage BooksMyFreinds 's books ?

Please inform us at  Please understand that the cost of replacing a lost book or repairing damages will be charged to you and the payment for the same collected before you receive your next shipment of books. The amount charged will be the current retail value of the book.

Can I ask for delivery but keep books of previous cycle?

No. You borrow books based on your plan. A new delivery will imply pickup of previous set of books.

When do I receive my delivery after I put a rental request ?

We try our best to provide fastest home-delivery. You will receive your delivery within 2 working days. The request placed by 5pm will be considered of the same day and request after 5 pm will be considered of next working day

Where do the library books get delivered?

Your books are delivered to the address you mention when you put a delivery request. You can add multiple addresses and get book delivered to your office or home as per your convenience.

Can I change my address of delivery ?

Yes. Just mention the new address when you put the delivery request.      

Are the deliveries and pickup free of cost?


How do I place a request for renting books ?

Click on the tab ' I need this' in front of the book You can also place the order by calling us at 7673-900-800/8333-842-960.

How do I return my book ?

On your My account page click on the tab 'Issued Books'. You will find the book issued by you. Click on tab 'Request for pick up'.  

What if I am not available at home when the delivery boy comes in with the delivery of books ?

The delivery boy will come only at the time window provided by you. In case, you are not available kindly inform us, otherwise it this particular book request will be cancelled and you will have to place a fresh request.

How do I pay subscription ?

You can pay by cash/DD/Cheque at the time of  delivery of first set of books. Later subscriptions will be collected  on due at your address by us. You can also pay online.

What is queue ?

In case the book you want to read is issued to other member(s). You can add it to queue. At a time you can maintain queue of 10 books. Once the book is returned or new book purchased, the member first in the queue will be informed telephonically. In case he/she is reading other book or the member fails to pick up our call(s), the next member will be informed by us.

How do I recommend a book ?

Simple.Click the tab ' Recommend a book' provided in the members 'MyAccount'  page, 

How long can I keep the books ?

No last date of submission. As long as you have a valid membership, you can keep the books to yourself.

Why does take security deposit ?

It's not that we doubt our customers but we need to safeguard our books against unscrupulous elements

How do I cancel my membership ?

You can do it online by visiting our customer care or calling us at 8333-842-960/7673-900-800

Can I change my plan mid-subscription ?

Yes. A member may change plans at any time. Upgrades in plans will only result in billing the difference of the plans and will be effective from the same billing cycle. Downgrades in plans will affect the next billing cycle. No refunds for partial months of use will be credited. Future billing cycles will be billed at the new rate.


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